Kangaroo Valley


At Cloudsong we are thoughtful of our impact on the environment and we have made every effort to design, build and perform sustainability. We have addressed the following issues and continue to support research and education aimed at restoring the health of our planet.

  • Northerly aspect
  • Roof eaves to solar passive requirements
  • Ceiling and wall insulation
  • Combustion stoves using certified sustainable wood
  • Ceiling and floor fans for summer
  • Solar panels on main roof
  • Recycling and composting systems
  • Biotreat water recycling system on heritage building
  • Green cleaning and garden products used
  • Commitment to KVTA's carbon neutral policy and tree
  • Planting programmes
  • Membership of Slow Food and supporter of Terra Madre and 100 Mile Diet ideals

For more information visit http://www.firewood.asn.au

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